Sunday, August 12, 2007


Benji and I celebrated our 7th anniversary yesterday! We couldn't find a babysitter (they're rather scarce) so we took the family to the Farmer's Museum where the kids got to see some animals and ride the carousel. After the kids went to bed, Benji and I had dinner and watched a video that my sister put together for us. We never had one of those cheesy wedding videos with pictures of us growing up and dating and all that, and she figured we missed out, so she used her video making software to make one for us. We really enjoyed it! Thanks Jess!

I am so grateful for Benji. He really is just the most wonderful person ever! I'm pretty lucky that I get to be with him forever. I couldn't have chosen a better husband or father (just ask Isaac).

For those of you who can't tell, the person in the picture with Benji is ME! Apparently I have not aged gracefully and have perhaps gotten a little bit chubby, because I've had a couple of different people ask who was in the picture with Ben. Like I would keep a picture of Benj and another girl hanging around my house! :)


Jared and Stephenie said...

Happy Anniversary! That is a great picture!

Mormishmom said...

Oh please! You are a gorgeous woman and people are so lame! Happy anniversary!

Kathy said...

Of course it is look beautiful as always. None of us look like we did on our wedding day! We've got kids who we've added gracefully to our faces and hips! And would we change it? No way!

Karolyn said...

I just found your blog again. Your kids looks so cute, and you look beautiful now and then. The time goes by so fast. You and Benji got married about 6 months before John and me. Congratulations.