Sunday, November 22, 2009

7 Weeks

I can hardly believe it has been 7 weeks since this little one was born. She is such a fun little thing. And happy (most of the time) as you can see from this picture. I know it's not a great picture, very dark, but she's smiling and that's hard to catch! Also, like her brothers and sister before her, she is starting to really chunck up. Just look at those cheeks!

I'm trying to get my act together to actually send Christmas cards this year. So, if you would like a Christmas card and think I may need your address, please e-mail it to me. Maybe you should e-mail it to me even if you think I have it. If you know me at all, the fact that I've probably lost your address will come as no surprise. If you want your name removed from the Christmas card list you can e-mail those requests as well. :)

Oh! By the way. We bought a house and moved again! We're nuts, I know.


Kathy said...

You must really like to move when you either have a new baby or are pregnant! You are nuts. :)
She is gorgeous. Love those cute little baby smiles and chubby cheeks.
3722 White Bark Ct st louis MO 63129

Melissa said...

This is a great picture.

Jenilee said...

Yay a new house. I am so excited for you guys. That is the cutest picture, what a smile. I would love to see pictures of the house.

Martha Lee said...

It is good to see things are going well. She is a cute girl. We are thinking of using the name Jane as well for our little one that should be here in 6 weeks or less.

Miss you guys!!