Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Time

Last night we decorated our graham cracker "gingerbread houses." Much fun was had by all. The kids did a great job of doing it all by themselves and it is always fun to see their personalities come out in their decorating. My favorite was Benji's stable, complete with baby Jesus. We also attended a fun cookie exchange with some friends from the ward. Thank you Piersons for being great hosts!

Before I sign off, a funny conversation...

George: Mom, I have a good idea!

Mom: What? (up to my elbows is soapy dishwater)

George: Ella wants to be a princess when she grows up, and since you don't have a job and all you do is take care of us, maybe when we get all grown up you can be her servant!

Mom: (laughing) Well.................only if she pays me lots and lots of money.

I just about passed out. What am I teaching these kids about moms? I need to rethink my parenting here. Too funny! Really though, George is a sweetie and a good helper.


Melissa said...

Bwhahaha. Sounds like you are having a great holiday. I got your card this week. Thanks so much. You are a gem.

Nana said...

Jenn - Before you go to work for Ella, how about being my servant?! Pay is low but I'll play with the children while you scrub and cook.
I love the photos of this season. Thank YOU! Oh, and of course I love my reindeer and princesses photo, too. Nana

Kari said...

I can relate to this: one day Conner said, "Mom, you're kind of like our maid, huh?" Nice.