Thursday, February 18, 2010

Scripture Stories

This afternoon I went upstairs to check on what the kids were doing-they were being very quiet. When I paused outside the door to listen I heard Isaac telling the story of Jonah and the Whale to Ella. Some memorable lines:

Isaac: "He was trying to run away from Heavenly Father. That's bad huh?"

Ella: "Then he got stuck out in the ocean?"
Isaac: "No, the people threw him out of the boat!"

Isaac: "And then he decided to be good and the whale spit him out."

It's so great to know that things are sinking in and that these kids are understanding some of the things that we talk about and then they share it and teach others. My testimony grew today hearing his.


Nana said...

This is just precious. Sounds just like Benji and his brothers...Hah! I remember Benji telling Rob about Caspar the Holy Ghost. I love the photos you put up because I put them on as my wallpaper and enjoy a large photo of the children on my desk. Thanks for all you do! Nana

Kari said...

Moments like these make it all worth while. Cute post!