Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Halloween (a little late)

I keep thinking that one of these days I'm going to pull myself together and get organized, but I think that would necessitate a complete personality overhaul. I am what I am, I guess. Although, the many sleepless nights may be contributing to the mental lapses. That being is Halloween! The kids were super excited to dress up! Unfortunately, with Halloween being on a Sunday they didn't get to do regular trick or treating. However, the ward had a trunk or treat and everyone was really generous. The kids got plenty of candy and I don't think they felt deprived at all!Ella as Snow White

Isaac as a Wizard

George as a warrior of some sort


Kari said...

Your kids' costumes are so cute! Did you make them?

I can understand the organization dilemma. It's one that I confront daily. :)

Jessica Mosteller said...

Cute, cute. Your costumes turned out awesome nice job.

Jenilee said...

Great Costumes. I can't believe how big they are getting. Ella looks so grown up.