Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Eye of the Beholder

Until very recently this was the wallpaper that graced our bathroom wall. A couple of days ago I suddenly decided I couldn't take it anymore and started peeling it off the wall. About 10 minutes into the process Ella wandered in. She stood rooted to the spot for about 5 seconds and then burst into tears.

Me: Ella what's wrong?
Ella: What are you doing?!
Me: Taking down this wallpaper.
Ella: Why?
Me: Uuuum...Mommy thinks it's kind of ugly.
Ella: But it's pretty to me!
Me: Well, it's really old and we're going to make it look really pretty in here.
Ella: (shouting and sobbing) You need to tape it back up right now or I'll never be happy again!!

She still gets sad every time she walks in the bathroom.


Jessica Mosteller said...

Love It!

Kari said...

Aubrey has a hard time with change too. She cried the other day when her scab fell off because she "wanted it to stay there forever."

Hope you're going to post some "before" and "after" pics!