Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Morning Conversations

My kids are constantly surprising me with the little tidbits of knowledge they acquire. I haven't quite got over the days when I taught them everything they knew. Now that they are older and reading and going to school, they are constantly teaching me new things in interesting ways. This morning was a great example.

It being Sunday and fast Sunday at that, I was lazily resting in bed when George came in and climbed up on the bed next to me. He was breathing funny-panting. This is how the conversation went.

Me: What are you, a dog?
George: No, I'm a lungfish.
Me: A what?
George: A lungfish. I'm a fish that breaths air, and then when the dry season comes and the water dries up I encase my body in mucus and go to sleep until the rainy season. See (pulling the covers up around himself) I'm encasing my body in mucus.
Me: (laughing) That's disgusting!
George: No it's not, mom, I'm just pretending. I'm not really going to cover my body with snot.

See, you learn something new every day!


Kari said...

Aren't kids amazing!? (Apparently lung fish are amazing too, in a pretty disgusting kind of way)

Clarissa said...

Dan and I got a good laugh from this! And then dan said, "man, I sure miss them." AND WE DO!!!

Nana said...

I'm with you - that's pretty gross! Kids (boys especially) always find slimmy things most intersting. Just imagine what else they will teach you. It's facts like this that enable moms to win at trivia games.
That boy's mind is a fact-trap!
Thanks for the gift of sharing life's special moments.