Friday, November 2, 2012


Halloween this year felt a little bit crazy. Ben was in charge of the food for the trunk or treat at the church and I was teaching piano right up until it started. So, the kids were kind of left to their own devices.  Other than Amelia loosing her kitty ears right before we left, and me forgetting the lights for the jack o lanterns decorating our trunk, things came off great and the kids had a fun night!

 The whole troop

Iyah the Dementor 

A the black cat 

El the horse (she did not like her costume BTW) 

G the "Lobster-back" His only complaint... "Some people got it wrong and thought I was a patriot, but at least they had the time period right." I wanted to say, "That's because it's weird that you wanted to be the enemy-the enemy that lost, no less!" But like a good mom, I held my tongue. ;-)

Happy Halloween!


Nana said...

Why is Amelia crying in the group photo? What does BTW mean in your comment about Ella's costume?

Jami said...

They're so cute!!!