Saturday, March 31, 2007


We were delighted to discover this week that Ella cut her first tooth! We weren't even watching for it and then all of the sudden...there it was! I'm glad to finally understand why she's been congested and not sleeping well.

Ella is getting so cute. She has started teasing-especially George. She grabs at him whenever he gets close and then laughs and laughs. She has also started to interact with Isaac more. He has really enjoyed being her fun big brother. However, she is absolutely refusing to eat solid food. She loves to sit in her chair by the table at meal time and she'll eat crackers, but baby food? I might as well go jump in a lake as far as she's concerned.

We are excited for General Conference this weekend and hope you all get a chance to watch or listen!


Melissa said...

Smart kid. I'd take crackers over baby food any day of the week.

Mormishmom said...

My little munchkin loves the grape flavored pedialyte. He drinks it like 1 minute flat! I give him next to no juice, so I think he thinks it's a treat. I think it's hilarious!

Tyler Perkes said...

That is such a cute kid!!!
Love ya,