Saturday, June 16, 2007

All Done!

George had his certificate day at preschool on Thursday. He did a really good job. I can't believe how big and confidant he is getting! I'm so glad we were able to finally find him a preschool. They sang some songs and we had a nice lunch. Isaac is getting excited to be old enough to go to school too.

Yesterday Ella got a hold of the raisins that Isaac was having for a snack and went to town. She was so proud of herself and I’m waiting to see how many whole raisins we get in her diapers.


Heidi said...

Jenn! Your kids are getting so big. I miss you and your sweet kids! I found a preschool for the twins too and I'm so relieved. I'm sure George is so ready for Kindergarten. He was always so advanced.

Roger said...

Hi Benji and Jenn--

What a great blog! It's so nice to see pictures of your kids, and what a kick to read those anecdotes! Best wishes,