Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ray of Sun

I've had a very gloomy week this week, with the exception of one day. On Monday we took a day trip to Palmyra. It was my first time seeing the church history sites and it was beautiful! We had our own small miracle in that it rained the whole drive there, cleared up and was super nice while we were there, and then rained the whole drive home. The sacred grove was amazing with the leaves just starting to change and the kids really enjoyed the visitors center at Cumorah's Hill. Unfortunately, the Temple was closed and we couldn't see it very well through the trees and such from the gate. But, there's always next time! Little shining days like these are what give me the strength to keep going.


Mormishmom said...

Oh! I'm jealous that you've been to the sacred grove! Is Palmyra your temple district?

Kathy said...

Keep your chin up! The good thing about weather is it always changes eventually. Don't we all just miss the sunny So. Cal days!

The Harry Herald said...

Yes! Palmyra is our Temple district. Cool huh?