Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Knight, the Dragon, and the Pretty Princess

So, I'm finally getting around to posting about Halloween. Sorry to all you who have asked me about a picture! The Halloween costumes really came down to the wire this year. George broke some of his armor and I had to re-do the elastic around Isaac's wrists because I made it too tight the first time. So, with all the repair work I didn't get the zipper put in Ella's dress. I ended up just tacking on a couple of hook and eyes and calling it good. But they got done and they were cute! We had fun at the Branch Halloween Party on Tuesday. The kids played games and went trunk-or-treating and then on Halloween we met Benji at the Hall and trick-or-treated up and down main street. At dusk we marched in the Halloween Parade up main street-a great tradition in my opinion. It was fun to see the different personalities of my children when it came to this holiday. George loved dressing up and imagining all kinds of knightly adventures. He didn't care so much for the candy, and was in fact the first to suggest we be done trick-or-treating. Isaac, on the other hand, is all about the candy. The only reason he got dressed up was to get the candy. He insisted on carrying his own candy bucket the entire night (George ditched his in the stroller in order to better carry his sword) and was very good at encouraging his brother on to the next doorstep. Ella just wanted to do whatever her brothers did. She was not content to sit in the stroller and held out her hand for her share of the candy at many of the stops. I don't think she quite understood that what she was getting was candy. She was quite content just to hold the brightly colored packages. All in all it was a fun night! George is already planning his costume for next year. He's fluctuating between a bat and Buzz Lightyear-specifically a plastic Buzz costume with wings that pop out when he pushes a button on his chest. Please let him choose the bat!!!


Corbridge's said...

Great costumes guys. Sounds like a nice way to spend Halloween. What a cute family. We would love to talk to you sometime. Can you e-mail Stephenie your phone number so she can call. (
Talk to you soon.

Mormishmom said...

They turned out so great! Did you make them all? Hey, can you please give me your pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe. Mmmm . . . I remember those like they were yesterday:)