Friday, February 1, 2008

Saving the World

I've returned to the land of the bloggers. We had a wonderful Christmas in Utah and Idaho visiting family, and George just had his 5th birthday. Whew! I think I'm getting old! One of the biggest highlights of our trip to Utah for me was watching Ella fall in love with Grandpa. They were pretty inseperable. She really misses her Grandpa. Another highlight was playing with cousins. The boys had so much fun! There were a million other highlights that I won't go into right now.

As you can see, dressing up is the number 1 activity at our house. The boys are always one super hero or another. So, I thought I'd share some of our most recent adventures: The Incredibles with cousin Jack, the Ninjas, and the Power Ranger.

Before I log off I just need to share our doctor experience from today. We are having an ice/sleet storm today so I had to brave the roads to get George to his scheduled check-up. When we got there the doctor told us that he would be getting some shots today to get him all set for kindergarten in the fall. You would have thought that the world ended. George was crying and screaming and fighting me. I had to pin the kid down so that the nurse could give him his shots. Is this a normal 5 year old reaction? Because I don't remember loosing it like that when I got my kindergarten shots. Anyway, in the parking lot on the way to the car we were still a little worked up and George slipped and fell in the slush. Instead of standing up quick so he didn't get more wet, he simply sat in the big cold puddle and screamed like a girl at the top of his lungs (I heard it echo off of the ice laden Susquehanna River) and then yelled for everyone to hear, "I just can't do this!" It was a pretty dramatic moment. I laughed at him, and I think every person in that parking lot thought I was a mean, terrible mother. The kicker is that after all of this he wanted to know if he had been brave enough to get his treat, because of course I had bribed him. What was I going to say? "No you weren't really brave enough." That's what I get for bribing my kids.


Heidi said...

How funny and sad all at the same time! We just went the rounds with J&L's kindergarten shots too. Ouch! You would have thought that they were cutting J's arm off. L didn't even bat an eye. Our little boys...

Melissa said...

"I just can't do this."

That is awesome. I'm going to try that myself sometime.

Josh, Carina, Siri, & Felicity said...

We got your Christmas card! We were in Utah also for Christmas! So sad (and funny) about George...I simply dread the time when Siri realizes that we are going in to get shots.

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