Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Well, it's been awhile since I last blogged. The weather turned nice and we've been spending a lot of time in the great outdoors. I decided to expand our garden a little bit this year so I've been digging up grass in the back yard. It's amazing what people dump in their own back yards. Here is a list of some of the things I've found...

1. An old coat hanger
2. A rusted out can of RAID
3. Electrical wiring (old-not like the stuff we use today)
4. Metal pipes
5. Insulation
6. A seashell
7. Lots of glass-green, clear, white, etc.
8. A 2x4
9. Random pieces of metal
10. I can't remember

It makes me wonder what I would find if I dug up more than a 4 foot space, and is it even safe to eat vegetables grown in such dirt? I guess we'll find out.

Ella has been hilarious to watch outside. She wasn't walking last summer so this is her first real experience with the outdoors. When I first put her down, she sat on her bottom and lifted her legs and arms in the air so nothing would get dirty. Now she's the complete opposite. I can't keep her out of the dirt. She swims in it. I'll look over and she'll be on her belly sifting her fingers through the dirt and staring at it from an inch away just enthralled. It's fun to see her get dirty. The boys of course could spend all day running and digging and riding bikes. It's so nice to have spring finally here!

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Melissa said...

Ella is a girl after my own heart. Good luck with the garden. Sounds fun.