Friday, May 9, 2008


The Boys in Central Park

I'm a little bit late posting about our family trip to the Big Apple because I've been sick ever since we got home this past weekend. However, we had a blast! The kids did really well and we really enjoyed ourselves. We were so fortunate to have generous friends that let us use their apartment on West Central Park Ave so we had a very nice place to stay for free!
The first day-Wed- we spent the afternoon at the Bronx zoo. I was excited to see the giraffes and Iyah really liked the lions. El was fascinated by the 'big meow' (tiger). After dinner we explored some of Central Park.
Thursday we went to the Metropolitan Museum and saw the Egypt exhibit and G's favorite- the Arms and Armory exhibit (lots of suits of armor), and then did the Time Square-shopping stuff. The kids loved all the big buildings and TV billboards and toy stores. We had dinner at MARS 2112. The boys were in heaven, but were a little bit wary of the aliens walking around.
Friday we took the Staten Island ferry and road past the Statue of Liberty. G asked all kinds of questions and brushed us up on all of our American History. We went to Battery park after and watched the street performers and walked through Chinatown and Little Italy. After dinner we headed to the Manhattan Children's Museum which the kids loved although it was kind of a mad house!
Saturday we went and saw the Temple and were planning on walking around the Lincoln Center Plaza, but it was under construction. We spent the rest of the day in Central Park-riding the carousel, eating hot dogs & pretzels, watching the horses, and playing on the playgrounds! G really liked the castle and almost gave me a heart attack trying to climb on top of the high walls to see over the side.
It was fun to finally see the big city- this was my first time! True to form I forgot my camera a lot of the time and this picture of the boys is the only one I remembered to take in low resolution so that I could post it on the blog with our slow Internet. Thank you daddy for planning a fun vacation for us! We love you.


Melissa said...

What an action-packed vacation? Sounds like such a good time.

Jessica Mosteller said...

WOW, Sounds like a lot of fun. I hope it was! I dont enjoy vacations much anymore because of the hassle of keeping the children under control, so I hope it was a good break for you. I would love to see NY one day. I hope that you are feeling better too! Love ya

Karolyn said...

This looks like such a fun trip. That's great that you were able to see so many things in New York. I'm like you. I always forget my camera whenever we go someplace interesting.

Corbridge's said...

Wow, sounds like a great trip!