Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cheeky Monkeys

I didn't think my kindergartener coming home with bad habits would start this soon, but apparently I was wrong. G has taken to calling people all sorts of names. This morning when I called him upstairs to comb his hair (he hates combing his hair) he called me a "spit face." I immediately made it very clear that I did not appreciate his behavior. He marched downstairs and announced to Benji that "Mom is a piece of garbage." Needless to say, he was a bit late getting off for school due to his time-out. Help!

On a more positive note-Ella's cheeky-ness is kind of funny. This morning Iyah marched in the room and got as far as, "Mom, Ella..." before Ella, hot on his heals, started yelling, "No talking! No talking Iyah!" I guess she didn't relish being tattled on. She had been stealing army men from George's room. She also said the funniest thing yesterday. We were eating trail mix and she kept asking for "a-b's." What? I finally figured out she meant M&Ms. I guess she remembered that they were called by a letter of the alphabet but could only remember A and B. It's the only part of trail mix she likes.


Jessica Mosteller said...

If your the not the Mom to stop bad behavior I don't know who is. You can do it, you are the super mom. I hate the thought of that happening and I am still a couple of years away. Good luck. Just stomp on it early. Love ya

Angela said...

Jen your so good at dicipline, he will adjust and begin to understand what is expected of him. Hang tight... The kids are so adorable and how are they old enough to go to school?