Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Online Again

We're finally back online after the move! It took awhile to get ourselves together but I must say I am very excited to re-join the real world.

We are getting to know our new surroundings and so far really like VA! George is really liking his new school. Ella turned 3 and we only have 4 weeks until our new little one arrives. Whew!

I'm sorry I'm not posting any pictures. It will have to wait for another day, I'm afraid. Bye!


Jenilee said...

YAY! You made it! Are you renting for a while or did you buy? I hope the move went well. We miss you guys.

Youngquist Family said...

I didn't know you moved. Hope you like VA. Good luck with the last month...I didn't realize you were expecting. Wow, I haven't checked blogs for a while. Take care

Laura said...

Jen and Ben!

So glad I can say I knew you when. I just had a Jill Newell sighting myself.

You guys are wonderful and your children are beautiful.

Wendy McNiven said...

I hope the move went okay. Hopefully we can see you sometime.