Monday, July 13, 2009

Criminal Confessions

We had quite the adventure this morning. Here's how it played out...

I was heading out to the doctor's office to give them my request for records transfer form. It had taken us a million years to get out the door because the kids didn't really want to go. Finally I ushered the last little body out the door and closed it tight...only to realize that I didn't have my keys! We were locked out. Normally we keep a spare hidden in the barn, but with putting the house up for sale and such we had moved it. I did a quick look around the outside of the house and was assured that all of my paranoid precautions taken to ensure our safety while Benji was away were in full force. All of the doors and windows were locked tight with the exception of one of the boys' bedroom windows on the second floor. What to do? I had no cell phone and I knocked on the neighbor's doors and no one was home. I could high tail it down to the library and call a lock smith (expensive)...or I could break into my own house. I decided to break in.

So, my first criminal act was to "borrow" a step ladder out of the neighbor's garage. From the top I could reach a bit past the second floor window sill. I then cut through the screen with a pair of garden trimmers, opened the window, hoisted myself up and through (not an easy task when 6 months pregnant) and was able to unlock the door.

The kids loved the whole situation. Some of the ideas they came up with were 1-climb up the side of the house with a rope (George added, "But mom, maybe you don't have the right skills.") 2- Climb the pine tree and swing over to the window 3- Let Iyah the monkey climb the side of the house. I was also informed many times, through hands covering giggling mouths, that "Daddy is going to be soooo mad at you!" Hope you're not mad babe!


Melissa said...

I wish I could've seen this. Fantastic.

Nana said...

I think climbing the tree and swinging over would have been interesting. Ah, but you're always the safe one, right? I love the boy's typical of them. Were the neighbors home when you "borrowed" the ladder or did you steal it for your break-in?