Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tee Ball

I love Tee Ball. The kids are so fun to watch. I laugh and laugh. Their enthusiasm is so contagious! I only got to see the last inning of Isaac's game today, but the highlight was when the litttle guy who was running from 1st to 2nd stopped on his way to field the ball his teammate just hit. He picked it up and threw it all the way to home plate in an attempt to get his other teammate out, and then continued on to 2nd as usual. All the while MY son, who SHOULD have been the one to field the ball, stood in his "down and ready" position like a statue. In fact, I don't think he moved the entire time he was in the outfield. I can't wait until Thursday!


Melissa said...

Hahahahahahaha. That is absolutely awesome.

Nana said...

This is so funny...brings to mind many memories! Thanks for the laugh! Nana

Wendy McNiven said...

How fun! Kenneth is in t-ball right now as well. It certainly is entertaining!