Friday, March 26, 2010

Tickle Beard

I have to post this picture for a number of reasons:

#1- This picture shows Benji with what the kids call his "Tickle Beard." He shaved it off a couple of days ago in honor of springtime and Amelia has been looking at him a little sideways ever since. (Who is that man that sounds like my dad?)

#2- It shows the head injury Iyah sustained when he fell out of the tree. According to him he scraped it on a branch on the way down.

#3- It shows our new trampoline! Thanks grandma and grandpa, great grandma and grandpa, and grandma and grandpa great!

What a cute bunch!


Kari said...

That's funny about the beard. Kedar will grow a goatee and have it for a month then shave it just to grow it again a month later so my kids are used to the change. When I get my haircut, it's another story. EVERYBODY has an opinion about that.

Martha Lee said...

What a great picture! Your kids are getting to big. I can not believe it has been 2 years since I had Iyah and Ella in nursery. It sounds like you guys are doing well. Miss you.

Jenilee said...

Yay a trampoline. That will burn some energy. We miss you guys.

SoCalGal said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Kari said...

Just wanted to say I was thinking of you yesterday on your birthday! Hope you had a great day!