Sunday, April 29, 2007

Seven Year Itch

Now that we are in our seventh year of marriage, Jenn has become very itchy. To Benji’s relief it’s not for another man. It’s attack of the killer fleas!!!

So, we’ve been in our new home a little over a month when all of the sudden mysterious things start happening. It started with one little bite and progressed to 33 bites below my knees alone. It never occurred to us that we might have fleas hibernating in our carpet. Imagine that. We tried vacuuming and flea powder and, finally, the flea fogger. Hopefully we prevailed. I’m sick to death of little ugly bugs!

On Saturday while our house was being de-fleaed we attended a Chinese auction to raise money for George’s preschool. George put his tickets into the raffle for a new bike helmet that he really, really wanted and Isaac put his tickets into the raffle for a really ugly red plastic Mickey Mouse chair that he already thought was his. Well, George won the helmet and I have never seen him so excited. When he heard the number called out he jumped off his chair and ran to the front of the gym, performing a Toyota jump (you remember the commercials) into a slide into home base, all the while yelling, “I did it!!” People were just laughing. He then proceeded to don the helmet and race around the gym in a few victory laps. And just to show you the difference in our sons’ personalities. Isaac was gone getting his pants changed when his winning number was picked. Upon returning and being informed of his good fortune he looked at me like, “Of course it’s my chair, I put my ticket in the bag didn’t I?” All in all it was a good experience and both the “brothers” came away happy. The only down side was that Mom and Dad didn’t win any free pizza or the lawn mower.


Mormishmom said...

Ewwww! Fleas! We had them last summer and I only got a few bites, but complained terribly:) I can't even imagine that many! I hope they are gone for good!

Melissa said...

Bwhahahah. It's official. You have awesome kids.

I'm sorry to hear about the fleas. That looks painful.

Jared and Stephenie said...

Funny title on your post! We just had our 7 year anniversary and tease eachother about the seven year itch all the time. I hope the bites are gone by now!

It's so fun to see pics of the boys. They are so funny.