Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Birthday George!

Can you believe that this little guy is six? What a great kid we have. He is such a sweet boy and a great big brother and we are so grateful to have him in our family. It has been so fun to watch him learn and grow. He has an amazing mind and a super imagination.

Since it's his birthday I'll list a few interesting facts about George:
1. He loves legos.
2. He spends most of his free time pretending to be some kind of super hero.
3. He hates to comb his hair.
4. His favorite dinner is chicken and rice.
5. He loves broccoli and gets really excited when I serve it- except when it has some kind of sauce on it.
6. George is very much a male- in that if the TV is on he is incapable of concentrating on anything else and doesn't hear anyone who attempts to talk to him.
7. His best friend is still his blanket that he calls "Warmy"
8. He is impervious to the cold. He can play outside in the snow for a long time.
9. He likes to write stories and wants to write when he grows up. He spends hours pacing through the house "thinking" them up.
10. He cannot sit still while watching TV/movies. He gets so excited and enthralled that he is constantly running and jumping. Benji says he is probably the only kid that burns more calories watching TV than in normal play.

We love you George!! Happy Birthday my man!!


Jenilee said...

On the way home from church last Sunday, Savannah said, "Mom, guess what, George is having a birthday this week. So, Happy Birthday from us. We hope you have a fun, fun day.

Jessica Mosteller said...

Happy Birthday George. Hopefully our present will get there soon. I cant believe he is so big.

Karolyn said...

I can't believe Mila is 6 either. It sounds so old. They are so much bigger than they were back in their preschool days at the Village. He's a cute kid.

Angela said...

YIKES 6 years Old! Happy B-day Goerge.