Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Iyah showing off one of his caterpillars

It is caterpillar season in NY. These little buggers are everywhere and Iyah is obsessed! He finds them everywhere and walks around with them crawling all over him. One even crawled up his shorts yesterday. He had a moment of panic before he was able to locate the runaway. The worst part is that he is constantly trying to sneak them into the house. He put one in his shoe to try and get it past me and accidentally squished it. Bleh! I feel bad for the ones the boys catch because they really get put through the wringer. The poor little caterpillars have been buried alive in the garden, given swimming lessons in a wheel barrow full of water, sprayed with the hose, stashed in sock drawers and dropped more times than I can count. And those are just the things I know about! I'm never sure when I should put my foot down on the torture of caterpillars. Do I let the kids experiment and explore, or do I save the poor things?

Can I just say before I'm done that I love it when my kids play nice! Yesterday Iyah and Ella played upstairs in their rooms for over an hour without any fights, breaking anything, or making a huge mess. It was WONDERFUL! I wish they did that every day. Packing up a house with 3 enthusiastic helpers, on the other hand, is a different story entirely.


Bronwen said...

Laney is exactly the same way! I feel bad for them also. I can not believe she let's them crawl all over her! Ewwwww...

Jessica Mosteller said...

I wish Jackson and Carson would do that. They are into fighting about 95% of the time right now. I dont know what to do.