Thursday, June 25, 2009

We did it Daddy!!

After much convincing, bribing, teasing, etc. George finally agreed to let me try to pull out his tooth. I got on the internet to learn how to tie a slip knot with dental floss and we set the time and place- after dinner in the family room. When the time came George slipped quietly upstairs for a minute. When I asked him why he said he went to say a prayer to help him to be brave. However, bravery has never been his strong suit. The minute he re-entered the room he was freaking out. I finally got him to "just let me see if I could even get the string around his tooth." However, once the string was set he decided there was no way he was letting me yank that thing out. He covered his mouth with his hands and was screaming! Iyah was covering his ears and Ella had her face in the couch and was rocking back and forth. It was very dramatic. At this point I don't think I could have gotten that string off if I tried. So, after practically sitting on George and restraining his arms under my legs, etc. I gave it a yank. He was yelling, "Don't pull it out, don't pull it out!" as I calmly walked into the kitchen to get him a paper towel. When he staunched the bleeding and calmed down he told me again, "I don't want you to pull it out." At which time I presented him with his now detached tooth. His response? "Oh." I asked him if it hurt. He shrugged. Geez. One many to go?

One more quick story. Ella is always loosing her "better" baby. Whenever I can't find it at bed time I try and substitute the "other" baby. She doesn't like that very much. "Me not like that one!" she tells me. Well, today when I was picking up her room guess who I found in the garbage? You got it..."other" baby. I guess she'd had enough substitutions.


Melissa said...

These are both great stories. I love how George didn't even know the tooth was gone. Anticipating the pain is sometimes worse than the pain itself.

Benji Harry said...

George you did it!! I am soo proud of you! I love you buddy!