Monday, June 29, 2009

Dinner Conversation

My boys had the following conversation at dinner tonight and I found it quite entertaining:

I: George, what if you had to dance with a girl?

G: Eww! I would yell, " Iyah help me!"

I: (Giggling) What if a girl tried to hug and kiss you?

G: I wouldn't let her. I would run away.

I: What if she chased you and hugged you and kissed you?

G: Then I would beat her up. I will never let a girl hug and kiss me.

I: Yeah. We don't like girls.

At this point mom jumped in

M: I hug and kiss you and I'm a girl.

G: But you're in our family. We don't want princesses hugging and kissing us.

Good to have that one clarified. And obviously mom hugs and mom kisses are still OK. That makes me happy.

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