Tuesday, March 23, 2010

School Rules

So, I just had the weirdest phone call from George's teacher. She called to inform me that at lunch today another little boy took a bite out of the half of George's sandwich that he wasn't eating at the time. She told me that she offered to buy George something from the lunch line to make up for it and then informed me that the little boy had been punished by sitting out both recess and gym. What? Overkill, I say. She assured me that she would offer him a snack this afternoon since he refused the lunch line offer and just wanted to give me a heads up so I wasn't concerned when he came home talking about it. I wanted to laugh. I told her not to worry about George-he brings his lunch home half eaten all the time. If he ever came home whining about something like that I'd tell him to share-maybe the kid is hungry, or maybe I make awesomely tempting sandwiches (that must be it). Anyway, I felt sorry for the little guy having to miss his recess and gym. It's one thing if it's an instance of bullying, but this was a one time deal. I feel like people have a tendency to over-react sometimes. Weird.


Kari said...

You're a good mom. I think it's great that you are teaching your kids not to worry about little things like this.

Jenilee said...

Poor kid. Schools seem to be getting kind of fanatical.

Sascha said...

Hi Jenn and Benji!

Things were not like that when I was at school! Teachers were happy when we got through lunch without fights.

It looks like you've settled in to Virginia...and strangely I think you had more snow than I did in Ottawa. I've been meaning to ask for your email address so I can let you know how my job is working out and to hear a bit more about the archives! If you get a moment, my email is: sascha.wiessmeyer@gmail.com.

Viele Gruesse!